When Sorrows ComeUntil recently, and even in common accounts today, bodily and mental ills were viewed as …2021/07/13Biopsychosocial, Teaching2021-07-13 12:15:53
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Social StatusDespite variations in definitions, both dictionary-type and operational, the phenomenon of social status seems to …2021/03/23Biopsychosocial, Teaching2021-03-23 15:22:52
EmpathyThe social involvement of our brains is amazing. A thoroughly social brain doesn’t come to …2021/02/23Biopsychosocial, Teaching2021-02-23 10:45:04
Glia and LearningYou can’t learn something unless you almost know it already. Decades ago, that principle was …2021/02/09Biopsychosocial, It’s a feature, Teaching2021-02-09 10:05:27
Visual FlickerPsychology runs hot and cold as we sample its topics. Verbal learning, or mastering paired …2021/01/26Biopsychosocial, Measurement2021-01-26 12:37:49
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StudyingAfter decades of searching for an easy way to learn tough material, I have to …2020/12/01Biopsychosocial, Translational2020-12-01 10:10:44
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The Call of NatureThough it’s not a published category, disgust of natural causes belongs among the six or …2020/10/20Biopsychosocial, It’s a feature2020-10-20 09:18:42
ThrillsSome folks just don’t make sense to others, eating fugu or cave diving when the …2020/10/13Biopsychosocial, Teaching2020-10-13 09:59:07
TravelingThe recent coronavirus has taken us back in time, from luxury travel last year to …2020/10/07Biopsychosocial, Teaching2020-10-07 09:55:25
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Human NatureThe assignment for today is to write something that is not true about human nature. …2020/09/22Biopsychosocial, Myths2020-09-22 13:09:29
Keeping Our WitsAirplanes are required to carry more than the minimum weight of fuel that could insure …2020/09/16Biopsychosocial, Teaching2020-09-16 09:49:28
Interpersonal SynchronyWhen we’re with other people, we tend to act as they do, and they act …2020/09/08Biopsychosocial, Teaching2020-09-08 09:50:59
Why Can’t I Multitask?OK, can you can multitask, as long as the tasks don’t conflict with each other. …2020/09/01Biopsychosocial, It’s a feature2020-09-01 09:20:23
Prehistoric PsychologyWe certainly did not evolve to become bankers and dress designers. As far as anyone …2020/08/25Myths, Translational2020-08-25 10:44:36
Love1, Love2, Love3We follow a biopsychosocial approach almost by necessity in discussing love, though it’s possible to …2020/08/18Teaching, Translational2020-08-18 15:33:33
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MoodsWe make up a lot of what we see and hear. Most situations are ambiguous. …2020/07/28Biopsychosocial, Translational2020-07-28 10:15:52
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MistakesFor any one of us, there is just one mistake: a violation of the plan, …2020/06/30Measurement, Teaching, Uncategorized2020-06-30 09:44:01
ParentingParenting invites dichotomies: Not only are there two kinds of parent, mother and father, but …2020/06/23Biopsychosocial, Teaching2020-06-23 09:27:41
Musical RhythmSome people cannot follow a beat. Such beat deafness, a form of amusia, appears in …2020/06/16Biopsychosocial, Teaching2020-06-16 11:21:02
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Taking StockWith the topics I’ve introduced so far, I have tried to show how biological, psychological …2020/04/21Measurement, Teaching2020-04-21 11:00:35
Cheering, Talking, SingingFor many of us, the voice is an unreliable tool. Through inflammation, stress, injury, and …2020/04/14Biopsychosocial, Teaching2020-04-14 09:51:41
Left Hand, Right HandYears ago, William Calvin wrote a popular book attributing the evolution of right-handedness to the way it …2020/04/07Biopsychosocial, Translational2020-04-07 09:20:28
Mental EffortThe absentminded professor will remind everyone of mental effort, distracted by a big idea from …2020/03/31Teaching, Translational2020-03-31 05:37:07
LonelinessMost of us experience loneliness. The need to be with others helps us survive, but …2020/03/24Biopsychosocial, Translational2020-03-24 10:16:49
Reaction TimeParaphrasing Robert Benchley, we may say that there are two kinds of people in the …2020/03/17Biopsychosocial, Measurement2020-03-17 10:26:12
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Behavioral ImmunityOnce again a new disease is threatening us, this time a new coronavirus. We’re familiar …2020/03/03Teaching, Translational2020-03-03 09:27:51
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ResilienceIt’s remarkable how some other people (and animals, too, including pets) seem to be resistant to stress more than …2020/02/12Biopsychosocial, Translational2020-02-12 15:00:39
NavigationYou can use psychology for navigating. But it occurs to me that if we analyze …2020/02/05Biopsychosocial, Translational2020-02-05 12:06:24
Weather, Sun, Moon and Our BehaviorAfter the earth cooled below the boiling point of water about 4 billion years ago, …2020/01/29Biopsychosocial, Myths2020-01-29 09:20:46
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