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Chocolate Psychology

Chocolate has a psychology. Nougat does not, even though both confections are popular, with long histories. According to legend, the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés did

What Next?

When it comes to avoiding nasty surprises, most of us rely on our experience to get by. We understand less of the physical world than

Recognizing Faces

Amid the grieving and financial desperation that arrived with COVID-19, the difficulty in recognizing our masked friends must seem like small potatoes. It’s apparently a

The Call of Nature

Though it’s not a published category, disgust of natural causes belongs among the six or seven kinds of disgust. Ekman recognizes seven “states” of disgust,


Some folks just don’t make sense to others, eating fugu or cave diving when the mortal threat is plain to see and easy to avoid;


The recent coronavirus has taken us back in time, from luxury travel last year to subsistence travel this year, from an inviting vacation world to

Is Perception Reality?

The psychological differences between a frog’s vision and ours should not be overlooked. The frog’s vision is passive and its responses are automatic. The bug-shaped

Human Nature

The assignment for today is to write something that is not true about human nature. While it’s not impossible, the assignment may take a moment’s

Keeping Our Wits

Airplanes are required to carry more than the minimum weight of fuel that could insure a safe flight. In seeming analogy, humans overproduce neurons in