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Enjoying Nature

There were no psychologists to right the boat the last time we went overboard for nature. There was Wordsworth, lamenting that “the world [of affairs]


We make up a lot of what we see and hear. Most situations are ambiguous. Every perception is an interpretation, a choice among alternatives. Consider

Thinking About the Future

A global pandemic doomed a lot of social and commercial predictions for 2020, but the epidemiologists have reminded us of the potential that still exists


The blog post on “Play” would have been a good time to bring up game behavior, but I was preoccupied with the issue of prematurely

Why Am I Always Cold?

Are you feeling cold? That’s not a problem, in principle. We all have a heater inside the body that brings warmth within seconds. Chilly offices


For any one of us, there is just one mistake: a violation of the plan, a failure of execution. We fail to catch an error


Parenting invites dichotomies: Not only are there two kinds of parent, mother and father, but their skills provoke questions about nature vs. nurture. In what

Musical Rhythm

Some people cannot follow a beat. Such beat deafness, a form of amusia, appears in people who can hear, even in people who can dance,

A Better Night’s Sleep

If you tend to be a target for ads about everyday-carry tools, as I am, it’s understandable that you would want to sleep better, because