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Stickiness and Slipperiness

Some sensations seem to come out of nowhere. We lack stickiness receptors, yet we know it when we feel it. Baseball players know that a

How Do Beliefs Work?

The New Year is almost here! If you want to start it off right, here are some suggestions. Of course we know deep down that

Rude Behavior

Joe Pyne was one of the first rude disk jockeys. Callers found themselves off the air when he interrupted a comment that he didn’t like

Movement and Maps

When we’re navigating over long distances, making long treks, we don’t worry much about the positions of our bodies from one minute to the next.


After decades of searching for an easy way to learn tough material, I have to say that studying is hard. Sometimes it’s pleasurable, too, but

Chocolate Psychology

Chocolate has a psychology. Nougat does not, even though both confections are popular, with long histories. According to legend, the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés did

What Next?

When it comes to avoiding nasty surprises, most of us rely on our experience to get by. We understand less of the physical world than

Recognizing Faces

Amid the grieving and financial desperation that arrived with COVID-19, the difficulty in recognizing our masked friends must seem like small potatoes. It’s apparently a

The Call of Nature

Though it’s not a published category, disgust of natural causes belongs among the six or seven kinds of disgust. Ekman recognizes seven “states” of disgust,