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When Sorrows Come

Until recently, and even in common accounts today, bodily and mental ills were viewed as separate afflictions. Although hysteria and currents of magnetic fluids provided

Keeping Time

What then, is time? If no one asks me, I know. If I wish to explain it to someone who asks, I know it not.

If I Had a Hammer: Using Tools

Singing can be wonderful to listen to, and human touch has soothing properties. But the singer and the doctor rely on a lot of help

Watching Movies

Few topics in psychology have provoked as much discussion as our emotions. They are sometimes destructive but often helpful, especially when we are making a

Left Brain, Right Brain?

Where are the boundaries in forming our parts? We are each a collection of trillions of cells in a society of millions and billions of

Cognitive Biases

People who expect fairness or perfection of evolution are bound to be disappointed. Evolution can only proceed with local forces of natural selection acting on

Social Status

Despite variations in definitions, both dictionary-type and operational, the phenomenon of social status seems to be recognized across the globe. Though it is not hard


The social involvement of our brains is amazing. A thoroughly social brain doesn’t come to us just through biological evolution. A baby’s brain must be

Glia and Learning

You can’t learn something unless you almost know it already. Decades ago, that principle was known as Martin’s law. There’s a corollary: It’s harder to