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Is Perception Reality?

The psychological differences between a frog’s vision and ours should not be overlooked. The frog’s vision is passive and its responses are automatic. The bug-shaped

Human Nature

The assignment for today is to write something that is not true about human nature. While it’s not impossible, the assignment may take a moment’s

Keeping Our Wits

Airplanes are required to carry more than the minimum weight of fuel that could insure a safe flight. In seeming analogy, humans overproduce neurons in

Interpersonal Synchrony

When we’re with other people, we tend to act as they do, and they act as we do. We synchronize, in walking, singing, alerting to

Why Can’t I Multitask?

OK, can you can multitask, as long as the tasks don’t conflict with each other. You can hold your breath while you text a message

Prehistoric Psychology

We certainly did not evolve to become bankers and dress designers. As far as anyone can tell, the pressures we had to defend against were

Love1, Love2, Love3

We follow a biopsychosocial approach almost by necessity in discussing love, though it’s possible to rely on Gilbert and Sullivan. It isn’t that emotions have

Placebo Controls

Here and there, Americans are looking for reasons to swallow hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID-19, often brandishing studies that show positive effects of the drug. Dr.

Enjoying Nature

There were no psychologists to right the boat the last time we went overboard for nature. There was Wordsworth, lamenting that “the world [of affairs]