A left hand reaches out, nearly touching a right hand.

Left Hand, Right Hand

Years ago, William Calvin wrote a popular book attributing the evolution of right-handedness to the way it allowed women nursing an infant to still throw stones at a threatening predator. On the other hand, Faurie and Raymond thought it was left-handedness that carried the selective advantage in combat with righties. The fact is that no one knows where left-handedness comes …

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Two dogs are frolicking in water.


Are you pro-play or anti-play? After recent concern about study crowding out exercise, schools are making recess periods longer and more frequent to enhance emotional and cognitive development, and similar benefits are available for adults as well. Play differs from person to person and from one culture to another, but there seems to be wide …

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Girl plays guitar while leaning against a wall.


It’s remarkable how some other people (and animals, too, including pets) seem to be resistant to stress more than others. There are folks who don’t get sick and some who don’t crumble under stress–and others who fall apart, maybe even die. The differences begin with genes. In fact it has become popular to refer to kids as dandelions who are resistant to stress or orchids who are more …

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