A long line of people silhouetted against a setting sun

Love1, Love2, Love3

We follow a biopsychosocial approach almost by necessity in discussing love, though it’s possible to rely on Gilbert and Sullivan. It isn’t that emotions have three levels that must be addressed—biological, cognitive, behavioral—because love isn’t just an emotion. Rather, we apply the same term to phenomena that are organized differently at different levels. That is …

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The night sky is shown, with stars

Thinking About the Future

A global pandemic doomed a lot of social and commercial predictions for 2020, but the epidemiologists have reminded us of the potential that still exists for accurate forecasting. The progress of the disease has matched scientific models better than politicians’ hopes. Still, predictions in any large social concern is about groups rather than individuals, meaning …

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A number of darts have been thrown into a dartboard.


The blog post on “Play” would have been a good time to bring up game behavior, but I was preoccupied with the issue of prematurely identifying the origins of the behavior. Besides arguments about origins, the Internet contains a number of definitions and classificatory schemes, which seem to be beside the point in explaining the …

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